Technology in agriculture

In this month’s episode of the BASIS Agronomy Matters Podcast our technical manager, Greg Hopkinson, speaks to four expert guests about technology in agriculture, with a particular focus on how it can benefit crop production while reducing our environmental impact. First up, we have a double act of Rozzi Martin and Max Dafforn from Bayer Crop Science. Rozzi discusses a new rapid disease detection system, while Max talks about FieldView, a unique piece of software that can help improve decision making on-farm. Judith Stafford, from FERA, then speaks about CropMonitor Pro, a tool which provides pest and disease forecasting as well as advanced weather monitoring. Together, these produce risk models and help deliver crop inputs in a more targeted way. Finally, Kieran Walsh, an independent agronomist working for Velcourt Advisory Services, tells us all about the Hands Free Farm project that demonstrates how technology has the potential to help us grow crops in the future in a more autonomous way. Make sure you listen to the end to find out how you can claim one BASIS CPD point for listening.



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